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Please fill out this form if you are interested in a commission. Commercial commissions must be given priority, but time permitting, personal commissions may be occasionally taken. This is currently limited to: Digital Color Commissions.

Commercial commissions must be at least usd$1000, with a minimum of $5oo paid upfront.

Personal commissions start at $150 and are paid upfront in full. Given their lowered priority, the turnaround is not guaranteed to meet personal deadlines and expectations on turnover time should be flexible. Any personal commissions accepted at this time will not be started until February 2019.

I will get back to if I am able to accept the commission. In most cases, the end result is entirely digital. A request might not be considered if the content is against the artists beleifs or is gratuitously explicit, for example, cruelty to animals, explicit gore or facist intent.

Please be sure to have considered all the above before filling out the form:


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